Focus Chambers General Construction. Jeremy Woodward has extensive experience in construction law allowing pro-active cost effective advice to be given

General Construction

Extensive experience and expertise allows me to deal effectively with the legal aspects of construction and engineering projects. I work with major contractors (domestic and international), sub-contractors, suppliers, designers, engineers, funders and employers.

Advice is given on construction procurement, construction contracts, professional appointments, development agreements, the legal aspects of funding arrangements and insurance issues arising from standard form contracts.

Bespoke contracts are drafted and amendments to standard form contracts negotiated. Assisting clients to fully understand their contractual obligations and risks protects their commercial interests and helps to avoid future disputes and reduce risks.

Advice is given on the typical difficulties encountered on construction projects whether that relates to design, delay, extensions of time, liquidated damages, disruption, prolongation, ground conditions, certification, payment, performance bonds, guarantees, letters of credit and other forms of security.

I advise on contractual interpretation issues, breaches of contract, when a contract can be terminated, and what remedies are available. In other instances, where urgent action is required, I have experience of seeking and obtaining injunctions in order to protect and preserve commercial interests.

Representation and advice is provided to clients in relation to dispute resolution whether by adjudication, litigation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, expert determination, mediation or conciliation.

Typical Client
  • Employers
  • Main Contractors
  • Major Sub-Contractors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Funders
  • Solicitors acting for any of the above